Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why did God create inferior races?

According to the theologians, God did not make all men alike.
He made races differing in intelligence, stature and color. Was
there goodness, was there wisdom in this?

Ought the superior races to thank God that they are not the
inferior? If we say yes, then I ask another question: Should the
inferior races thank God that they are not superior, or should they
thank God that they are not beasts?

When God made these different races he knew that the superior
would enslave the inferior, knew that the inferior would be
conquered, and finally destroyed.

If God did this, and knew the blood that would be shed, the
agonies that would be endured, saw the countless fields covered
with the corpses of the slain, saw all the bleeding backs of
slaves, all the broken hearts of mothers bereft of babes, if he saw
and knew all this, can we conceive of a more malicious fiend?

Why, then, should we say that God is good?


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