Monday, April 14, 2008

Below is a response to an E-mail I received from someone called 'Orange'

1. Ashkenazi Jews in Israel achieve higher social status than everyone else because they are a very gifted people, not because they vent racial prejudice against non-Ashkenazim.

2. The description of the BNP as a 'racist' organisation is a meaningless kneejerk reaction to its ethnocentric immigration policy, and akin to labelling supporters of the welfare state as 'commies' or supporters of gun control as 'fascists'.

Perhaps the Left should direct some of its opprobrium to the 'racist' regimes of South Korea and Japan, which have instituted immigration controls specifically designed to secure the numerical supremacy of the founding raciocultural stock of those nations - they are guilty of doing exactly what the BNP advocates for Britain. To pathologise ethnic homophily as 'racist', even if it is worthy of criticism on other grounds, is ludicrous.

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