Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Muslim Child Brides


The Arab Christian begins by quoting a leading Islamic scholar (or someone considered as such by the Muslim being interviewed):

"All kinds of sexual relationships, like touch, desire, or putting your private parts in between the legs of that little baby, are okay."

They continue (I've removed repetitions and corrected some of the fractured English):

Arab Muslim: "Don't forget that this baby is a wife, is a wife!"

Arab Christian: "What do you mean she's a wife? She doesn't have teeth yet. How can you say she is a wife?"

Arab Muslim: "We are talking about marriage, okay? This is a special situation."

Arab Christian: "Listen. This is your scholar, one you approve of, one you say is a big leader for you, and he is saying you can have sexual relationships with little baby girls. Explain to us how you can do such a thing?"

Arab Muslim: "Who makes the rules? Who decides the age I can marry a woman? These are not God's standards, these are human standards."

Arab Christian: "Okay, so humans put the standard at 18 years old to marry. Your god says you can have sex with a baby girl. Which one is correct, you think? The human standard or your god's standard?"

Arab Muslim: "Well of course God's. You are a human. God says you can marry a baby, you can touch her in a sexual way, and when she reaches 9 years old, you can do whatever you want with her, okay? So what's wrong with that?

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